Alpha Care offers adult day services to assist the developmentally disabled and their families, friends and support systems. Our goal is to provide an environment that promotes growth of the mind, body and spirit. We believe in continuous development and our programs are designed to help our clients better their daily lives. Each day we encourage physical activity and have at our disposal a gymnasium, workout areas, track and sports fields. Alpha Care trains its clientele in the activities of daily living that include meal preparation, health and fitness, and one to one personal hygiene classes.

Alpha Care's staff is experienced in vocational habilitation, physical education, nursing, spirituality, prevention of infection, travel/transportation, and music therapy as well as in many other areas. Our daily mission is to keep our clients active, fulfilled and most importantly, happy. We live and teach this very simple motto: Treat others the way we would want to be treated. We strive for kindness, compassion and love. Our purpose is to care for others.

Our flyer can be seen here.

Todd sitting at desk